Know about us · Bodegas Allozo Centro Españolas

In 1991 the dream of 3 families was realized by creating Bodegas Centro Españoles, the first winery "Chateau" style in Castilla-La Mancha combining the most advanced technology with the traditional arts from our land in our wine and brandy elaboration.

Our Allozo project is based on an intensive work in the vineyards by our wine growers and winemakers, to extract the essence of our different varieties and terroirs.

The elaboration and bottling of all our wines Allozo takes place in our state winery where we elaborate from young wines, Crianzas, Reservas and Grandes Reservas and limited edition wines, that will age in our 3800 oak casks, where the wine will obtain the maturity necessary to finish in our Wine, where the proper balance of the great wines is reached.

Bodegas Allozo Centro Españolas was born with the export vocation and conquer palates in the 5 continents, currently our Allozo wines are marketed in more than 36 countries around the world.

Countless awards support our Allozo wines, first in Castilla La Mancha to get gold medal at the Challenge International du Vin de Bordeaux, champions of Spain in 2006 in Ljubliana, the oldest competition in the world, as well as countless Awards that make our winery and our wines Allozo the most awarded in Castilla La Mancha.

Cheers and Welcome to Allozo!