In 1991 began the journey of Bodegas Centro Españolas, a family state winery that became the first “Chateau” style winery in Castilla-La Mancha, combining the most avant-garde technology with the traditional arts of our land.

Our project is based on an intensive work of our vineyards by our winemakers, to extract the essence of our different varieties and terroirs.

Tradition and innovation come together in Bodegas Allozo Centro Españolas, as well as our winemakers team formed by Miguel Angel Valentín, father and son, both biologists and vocation winemakers and great world of wine lovers.

Miguel Angel Valentín Díaz, after 10 years of technical manager in Rioja, was the promoter of the Allozo Project and a visionary of viticulture in Castilla-La Mancha with the introduction of foreign varieties, the making of coupagesand long time crianzas, besides the study of the Terroir for the great wines production.

Miguel Angel Valentín Lara, has been always linked to the world of wine, at the end of his studies and after making wines in different regions of the world, Rioja and Piedmont, he decided to elaborate singular and author wines in his native land, introducing Bodegas Allozo in the biodynamic and ecological philosophy.

Bodegas Allozo Centro Españolas has 250 Ha family stated vineyard. Located in the Tomelloso area, between 650-680 meters above sea level, which are surrounding the winery where we can differentiate plots by age, variety and by different kind of soil, which will be worked during the year and harvested depending on the kind of wine that our winemakers seek to make.

The contrasts between very cold and rainy winters with dry and hot summers, mean that we are talking about an extreme viticulture, where we try to express the characteristics of the different terroirs to produce great author wines.

Actually, Bodegas Allozo Centro Españolas produces wines from 7 grape varieties, Tempranillo, Garnacha, Airénand Verdejo; In addition to being pioneers in the introduction of foreign varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Shyraz in Castilla-La Mancha.

From the beginnings, Bodegas Allozo Centro Españolas was a pioneer in Author’s Wines elaboration, elaborating our wines “From the vine to the glass”, with an strict control of plots, advising the vine-grower in terms of type of pruning and other cultural practices, always respecting the environment; besides producing wines from different coupagesin vineyards, special and limited editions that have made Allozo wines the most awarded in the region.

After an arduous vineyard control, looking for the optimum maturation point, the grapes of the Allozo family arrives to the winery after a manual harvest early in the morning, finishing the harvest at 12 in the morning, so that the high daytime temperatures do not affect the quality of the product.

Inside the production cellar, equipped with the latest technology, the grapes can be destemmed or not, depending on the wine to elaborate, and after a pre-fermentation maceration the must ferments at a very low temperature in order to maintain the aromas of the grapes varieties they come, obtaining wines of great power in the nose and silky in the mouth.

Bodegas Allozo Centro Españolas has one of the largest aging cellars in Castilla-La Mancha, with more than 3800 French and American oak barrels, where the wine will made the second fermentation and will evolve to Crianzas, Reservas and Grandes Reservas, wines that have made Bodegas Allozo a classic in the region.

When our winemakers thought it´s time to leave our aging cellar, our Allozoswines will be bottled, to continue ripening in our wine cellar rooms, where they will remain until they reach the perfect balance of the Great Wines.

Now, You only have to enjoy our wines in the best company …

Welcome to Bodegas Allozo Centro Españolas